I produced around 90 tracks during the last 25 years. I started with "Soundtracker"-software on the Commodore Amiga those days. I still like using old hard- & software to create music, but I also use latest technology to compose major releases. Below you'll find some:


TI 82 calculator (Texas Instruments)

The song "calculated" was created directly on a Texas Instruments TI82 Calculator using Houston Tracker 2. No other hardware was used. It achieved the 2nd place in the oldskool music-competition at the Revision Demoparty 2016.

The TI82 has a Zilog Z80 CPU, which is used to generate the sound. Multi-channel is achieved through a 1-bit synthesis technique called Pulse Interleaving (interlace the multiple software channels at a rapid rate.) The average time taken to interlace one sample of all 4 channels is (1/16300)s.

In the video you can see the recording of the track from the I/O-port of the calculator to Renoise (DAW) on PC, via a Steinberg Audio Interface.



Some of my music is also available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and other online-shops / streaming-services. Find some links below. Of course, for sceners & friends, all of my tracks are free on and

"Demostyle" EP

(5 tracks)

"The scene is my life" Single

(2 tracks)

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