Acting & Photography


A selection of scenes from different series and movies. Click onto the screenshots for video.

Complete list of appearances:

Sturm der Liebe (series, several times)

Rosenheim Cops (series, several times)

Coke Zero (commerical)

Der geilste Tag (movie)

Hilf mir (series)

Snowden (movie)

Das Ding des Jahres (trailers)

Im Namen der Gerechtigkeit (series, several times)

Marie fängt Feuer 3 (movie)

Galileo (documentary)

Comedy Court (comedy-show)

Euphoria (movie)

Die Goldfische (movie)

Acht Tage (series)

Matchmakers (TV-show)

Mein bester Streich (TV-show)

Zimmer mit Stall (series)

Aktenzeichen XY (documentary)


Some of the below photos were released in photo-competitions at demoscene-parties (some in collaboration with Dano^Padua).

The others were commercial shootings for print, online & TV. 

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